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Hawaiʻi Climbing & Hiking Resources

Educational Blogs that are area-specific or sport-specific.

Due to our fragile ecosystem,  Hawaiʻi hiking and climbing areas are access sensitive. Hawaiʻi is termed the Endangered Species Capital of the World. We make up less that 1% of the Land mass of the United States but hold 44% of the endangered species. The majority of our trailheads are in residential areas; please be respectful to the local communities. Our land laws are very different from the continental United State; do your research before trespassing or breaking any laws. Within the Kānaka (Native Hawaiian) spiritual beliefs the ʻāina (land) is very much alive and our spiritual sites are still VERY significant, even if the State of Hawaiʻi hasn't recognized or protected those sites. When we recreate in these Indigenous sacred spaces, we all have a KULEANA (responsibility) to protect and preserve the culture, the mana (divine spiritual power), the ecosystem and the history. 

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