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Ua lawa mākou i ka pōhaku

-We are satiated by the stones of our land- 

The word pōhaku means stone or rock. But pōhaku also is culturally significant to Native Hawaiians.  


Hawaiian Cultural & Historical Resources 

Culture-based information surrounding the outdoor recreational sports within Hawaiʻi. Description of Hawaiian spiritual sites and how to navigate them respectfully. 

Hawaiʻi Hiking & Climbing Resources 

Educational information about area specific hiking or climbing sites, how to understand their history and  how to recreate in them responsibly. 

Clean-ups & Site Protections 

Communities within Hawaiʻi are strongly connected to, and willing to protect, the land. That is why we, as Kānaka, multigenerational locals and allies, focus on doing regular small scale and larger clean ups surrounding hiking and climbing areas. 

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